Cartiez - De Wereld Is Gelogen

I shot and directed this video for Cartiez which is released on Top Notch. We really tried to push surrealisme and some drama in this work using Paris as a backdrop for our story. Written by Cartiez himself and me. Produced by Felicity Jeane. Color grading by Eric from the Grot. Drone shots by Jean-Luc Fornier.

Oby Nine - Bird

This is special project because I also made the music for this one. It's about the story about a father and his road to cathersis through dance. Dance by Wesley Vayu. The son is played by Mason Verhoeven.

Nohyae - Niemand

We created the music and music video together. This was a special bonding project with me and her.  Edit by Gabrielle Haddocks. 


Another music video I made with my girlfriend.  Edit by Gabrielle Haddocks. 

Joseph Apostolle - Goodbye 

I did the cinematography for London based artist Joseph Apostolle. Directed by Anne Berentsen and edit by Gabrielle Haddocks. 

Brandwerk - Alles In De Fik (ft Simon)

Brandwerk and Jordy dijkhoorn from De Likt asked me to make music video inspired by comic movies in particular Suicide Squad. We went to some urban locations in Belgium to really get a grimy vibe going. 

Delivio Reavon x LA$$A x Mr.Ontspannen - Hans Betaalt De Schade (feat. Chivv & Henkie T)

In the briefing Spinnin' Records and Top Notch noted that the artists where not going to be present for the music video. That gave me the idea to replace them with puppets. Styling by Gabrielle Haddocks. 

Raik - Pirate

I created this video for RAiK. For this music video we went to Berlin for some really cool locations for a real urban Pirate. Find out how this pirate loots his treasure. 

Krezip - How Would You Feel 

I did the cinematography for this Krezip road trip music video directed by Daan Kemp.

Kalvijn - Me Chick 

A fun music video for youtube legend Kalvijn. Directed by Kelvin Boerma himself and me.  Produced by Jeroen Sijtsma, Martine Groen & Hilde de Vries. Styling & Make-Up by Celina van der Kamp.

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