A short doc about the legendary Wim Hof aka the Ice Man. In this video he received the Torch-Bearer Award which has also been received by Nelson Mandela and Mohamed Ali. It was a true honor to meet him and learn more about how he became the Ice Man. 

A short doc about Transform. 4 days in 4 cities with talks and performances about hip hop culture and it's role in society.

For two weeks young artists from several European countries came to an Island North of Germany. The project's aim was to think about creating change and more visibility for queer people and their rights. Roots & Routes asked me to make a documentation of the project. 

This is the trailer for the short doc called Turning Points. Several days of spoken word workshop's given by Elten Kiene resulted in tearjerking moments.  How do you deal with past trauma from discrimination or bullying? To learn about yourself and discover new things, that's what it all is about.

This short doc is about two young guys realising their dream of owning and running their own movie theatre. From a love for cinema a special place came to fruition. 

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